- NAME:  Iosif Ioan Chezan
         - AGE:  29 
             - STUDY:  Come down from the University of Babes Bolyai, 
            Cluj-Napoca, department theology-philosophy. Also i spent 
            5 years in a thological collage and 1 year in an imitative arts 
           school before i was licentiate.
   -SKILLS: Exellent drawing and composition skills, well-ballanced 
sense of color,  very good 2D digital processing and average 3D 
         modeling/design experience (though I have predisposition for that 
             field, raw yet), some texturing experince, and average web 
                design. Also a never-dry imagination, a strong grasp of the 
              fantasy genre, open and flexible as a solitary demiurge 
            revealing his unknown self in his surounding creation and always 
        aspiring to more... 
               - HOBBY: Painting, making music, listen in music (ghotic and 
some classical especially), writting, sport (bodybuilding, full-contact), 
watching great movies like Immortal, Kaena, Lotr 1,2,3, Braveheart, 
Gladiator (and all historical movies alike), "300" (i have to mention this 
piece of work), Vidoque, Amelie, and much more, computer rpg/mmorpg, 
great creations like Enclave, Fable, Soul Reaver, Blood Omen 2, 
Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind, Warcraft and World of Warcraft, and so on.
Unholy dance 
Hold me down 
Wing of Despair and Fear… 
Keep my blood warm 
For the supreme sacrifice… 

Lift me high 
You wing of Daring, 
Float my arrogance with splendor 
Under the breath of Gods… 

And so I go 
In my twisted dance... 
With no direction.